Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Blog Post & The T.A.O.M.

Hey Everyone!

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my blog. I'm very excited to have this outlet to share with all of you my upcoming projects, tours, and general thoughts about magic. You may see postings from myself or those that I work with here.

Currently I am on tour with my new lecture the Ammar Experience.

The Ammar Experience is a full scale multi-media lecture. The multi-media aspect allows me to give the lecture I have always dreamed of giving!

Also I would like to say I had an amazing time at the T.A.O.M. Thank you guys for being such an awesome group! I've included some footage from the T.A.O.M. below, ENJOY!

Best Wishes
Michael Ammar


  1. I would love to see you make it out West again Michael. Any plans to head out this way? Thanks,
    Brian Voiles